Hollywood Movies that Glorify Education

teachers movie

On a typical rainy or winter day and you just want to stay at home, you might want to watch several movies. If you have a strong interest in education, there are several feel-good and inspiring Hollywood movies that you should be watching. Here are three of those great and excellent flicks of all times.

The movie ‘Teachers’ was released in 1984. It starred Nick Nolte, Morgan Freeman, Laura Derm, and Richard Mulligan. The film was about a high school graduate who ended up suing her public high school because she was able to graduate even without knowing how to actually read. This movie discusses and describes all the setbacks and disadvantageous condition of the US public education at the time. It obviously aims to address education problems in a satirical manner, through conflicts and over-the-top movie characters.

‘Teachers’ also exposes several public education problems that are still left hanging even up to this day. What is more interesting is that such problems are not unique to the US. Many other countries experience those educational problems today. The teacher in the movie treated the lawsuit not as a blow to the institution but as a timely opportunity to prompt lasting changes not just to the public school but to public education in general.

In 1989, the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ made waves, not because it starred Robin Williams (who was a hot movie star those days) but because it tackled the importance of education amid rigid society norms and strict parental expectations. It showed that talented and committed educators could always get in the way to inspire and touch lives of even the most notorious students. The movie was also noted for its ability to take viewers into typical life in one of those prep schools circa 1950s. Williams’ performance was one of the most charismatic in this movie.

‘Dead Poets Society’ has always been one of those educational movies that are recommended for tackling issues about curriculums and the real value of education. No wonder, many schools and classes run and hold viewing of the movie at the start of every semester. The movie would surely be worth your time. It is entertaining, touching, and inspiring all at the same time.

On the other hand, in 2006 ‘Chalk’ was released. This movie presents takes on education through tracing of three unique teachers who are at various stages of their teaching careers. The focus was at a teacher who used to be businessman. The two were a teacher who has been teacher of the year for two straight years and another who has been promoted to become an assistant to the principal. Actual teachers could all relate to the three main characters in the movie.

‘Chalk’ is a ‘mockumentary’ film that was produced to show satiric perspectives in education through portrayal of different unlikely events, from pokers to dog shows. It was produced by the same documentary filmmaker who was popular for his ‘Supersize Me’ (Morgan Spurlock). It may not be a full movie, but the documentary proves to be really entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

Education is truly an important subject to discuss. All three films show how life and education are intertwined and are connected. You should try to view some, if not all. These movies would really be worth your precious time.